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But if power is so corrupting why is it that I, Kid Pocky,


Pumping Iron — Catalyst Lass style!
Catalyst Lass — A Legion of Net.Heroes character created by Elisabeth Riba


Pumping Iron — Catalyst Lass style!

Catalyst Lass — A Legion of Net.Heroes character created by Elisabeth Riba


I drew these!!


The Powernaut All-Star Break is on - and that means it’s award time!  Could this be my year to take home a First Place trophy?  Let’s find out together!

"Well, tsundere aren’t a thing in superhero comics either."

Catalyst Lass grinned. “What about Batman?”


"Yes! Ever since the Crisis on Infinite Earths, when DCU started differentiating its core characters more and introducing more conflict between them to fit the Marvel template, Batman has followed the classic tsundere behavior pattern." Her face lit up and she started making animated hand gestures. "With his friends and teammates, like Superman, his default interactions are cold, aloof and hostile, but gradually he reveals his vulnerabiliity and caring."

In fact, one never knew exactly how the LNH HQ would look after a explosion and reconstruction; it had already resembled a London Gentleman’s Club, a late Renaissance Italian palace, the UN building. Now, it resembled a rather shorter stubby version of the 1930’s Empire State Building, complete with an Airship mooring post. LNH’ers were never sure if they would be hanging their spandex uniforms on brushed chrome, wood, or polished brass stands after a reconstruction. A committee headed by Super-Apathy Lad, Time-Wasting Lad and Procrastination Boy is looking into why this is so, but they have yet to set an agenda to decide when to meet.

—Tales of the LNH #278 by Hubert Bartels


Holy crap, even though my original contributions were exactly five short “issues” and one minor character I have an entry on the Legion of Net.Heroes Wiki!

This means a lot to me, for some reason. Some of my earliest days online were in the comics sections of Prodigy’s forums, working with other would-be comic writers and artists (I bought a few actual xeroxed comics by a “company” on there) on original characters.

When I went to college I found Rec.Arts.Comics.Creative and it was the rebirth of all that stuff I’d let lay fallow for about 6 years. I wanted to write stories with original characters that reached into the dozens of issues, though they rarely made it past four, and I was mightily impressed with the people who wrote about the LNH.

Because it was a joke that’d grown out of control, a parody upon parody slathered with meta-humor and internet references… But some of these people were telling real, fun, smart, and even powerful stories. Sure there was a bunch of crap, piles of it I am sure over the years, but not as much as you would have expected, and that people were weaving these ridiculous threads into cool reads was crazy.

So I jumped at the chance to join in a round-robin series that introduced a bunch of new characters. All of my posts were short compared to others, but they contributed.

To see that other people used my little joke criminal character in later years, even in minor ways, and that someone was kind enough to record my contribution (let alone bemoan how short my spin-off was) just makes me smile.

Oh, man, that’s great. o.o Who’d you create?

Marvel ain’t renewing my contract. This story, then I’m supposed to join the MLF, then I get offed.” The cat woman adjusted the wig. “No renewal, no job, no future. Take my advice, girl. Go into retail. It’s safer. Don’t ever work for Marvel Megacorp. They’ll use you, retcon you, twist you, kill and resurrect you, then discard you.

—Panta #3 by Hubert Bartels

LNH Comics Presents #303: Infinite Leadership Crisis Part 268

So! Who wants a Christmas story that takes place in April, and has superheroes, anthropomorphic personifications, flightless birds, and thematic unity?

Well why didn’tcha say so!

April 268th, 2007.

In a bedroom in a sizable family apartment in reasonably nice part of the McCluresville neighborhood in the Zeroth City of the Loonited States, Net.ropolis…

A lumpy pile of blankets laid on the bed. At five minutes to eight, the dulcet tones of Barenaked Ladies floated through the air. Like a mythical sea beast, an arm emerged from the cozy depths of the blanketpile, catching the alarm clock in its grip and pulling it back into the warm darkness.

The comfortable mountain shuddered tectonically and collapsed in a great eruption of yawning young man. Casey von Aluminumfoil rose, scratching himself under the arm and peering blearily out the window. Yep - the chill of early spring was still in place. This would be Christmas Eve, if April hadn’t been going for eight and a half times its normal length.

He blearily trudged to the shower. The hot water made him feel a bit more human (or a bit more mutant, anyway). As he was pulling his pants on, his phone rang. Oh, it was Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad. He was easy to talk to - much more relaxed than most members of the Legion.

"Hey, Pete. What’s up?" Casey blinked, then stuck a finger in his ear. "Er, sorry, my connection’s on the blink - I thought you said I was the leader of the LNH!"

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One-Page Giant #3

Who will be your - LNH Dream Date!

[ A nine-year-old girl with brown hair holds up a bunch of cards with LNHers on them in glamour-shot poses. ]

Collect Consumerism Tokens to buy outfits!

[ A redheaded girl holds up two cards with dresses ] Pink spandex, or pink trenchcoat?

Reveal your date’s secret origin and see if they’re an A-lister— or the comic relief!

[ A blonde girl reads a card ] He got bitten by a radioactive platypus? Like, no way!

Get kidnapped for extra Peril Points!

[ The redhead goes, ] “Uh-oh! Stuffed in a fridge! Lose a turn!”

Then press the Pop-o-Matic Hologram Projector to reveal the hero of your dreams!

[ The brunette pops up Ultimate Mercenary. ] “Aw, I got the dud!”

[ They all giggle and throw pillows. ]

"LNH Dream Date! Definitely not part of an evil plan to instill disturbingly monolithic and limited ideas of femininity, the role of a teenage girl in society, and the ultimate, inescapable necessity of having a man in your life via post-hypnotic signals!"

[ All three girls turn around and say, ] “This date is going to go super!”